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Fashion & Portrait Photographer & Creative with passion for transforming dreams to reality.

Carol Moda


As a creative director and photographer, I specialize in turning visions into stunning visuals. With a blend of talent, skill, and dedication, I bring concepts to life through my lens. I’m excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next project and capture the essence of your vision. Let’s create something truly remarkable together!


Instagram/Facebook: @CarolModaPhotography


Fleurs de Villes Launch

20 January 2023

Black Luxe Picnic

7 December 2022

Far, Far, Away

5 September 2022

Far, Far, Away

23 july 2022

Neon Pop

23 july 2022

Neon Pop

10 july 2022


27 June 2022


6 May 2022

My Story

The pandemic hit a lot of us really hard.  It was a time to restructure and to look at things differently.  For me, in 2021, I picked up my first professional DSLR camera.  For many years before that, I have been deeply rooted in the fashion industry.  From running a fashion magazine for 15 years, to directing photoshoots and producing fashion shows, I have a lot of experience working as a creative in this industry.  It was only natural, that I transitioned into fashion photography right?  Honestly, the transitioned felt like I found my missing peace.  Immediately I fell in love with the art of photography and have not put my camera down since. 


Carol Moda Photography operates under the umbrella of Carol Moda Creative Group, Inc. Led by Carolyn “Carol Moda” Sylvester, our primary photographer with over 15 years of expertise in the Fashion & Beauty Industry, we ensure top-notch quality. Collaborating with a handpicked team of skilled Fashion Stylists, Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Production Assistants, and Cinematographers, we excel in translating our clients’ visions into captivating imagery.